This article may reveal information about Boxssale or Legit Scam. Learned a lot here.

Have you visited this Boxssale store? They provide product delivery but consumers are confused about fraud or legitimate box sales. Load of details in intervals u. S. Merchant ratings ranking by square foot.

In this article we will check the legality of the store.

Is boxing legal?

Measure below some tips that this store’s loyalty program can give you. Please scan these items carefully.

  • The registration date of this similar name was September 8, 2022.
  • Expiration: The domain will expire on September 8, 2023.
    a result of faith. The site received a declaration of trust from A.
  • Customer reviews. No official site and no chemical analysis contains reviews of Boxsale.
  • A social media site. We have not identified any links to social networks.

Information regarding the look

Boxssale is an online store that sells super casual party coats, animal skins, super casual and miscellaneous items.

  • Kelly coat
  • The flight suit is written in a strange bone style.
  • V-neck dress for women with oil prints
  • Comfortable sandals


  • URL:
  • Contact email address.
  • Address: London, United Kingdom Address: London, United Kingdom 297 Court street
  • Tottenham
  • Shipping Free shipping on orders over $39.
  • Arrival/return policy. You will return your items at forty-five day intervals from the date of delivery.
  • Payment methods: Visa, JCB, specific lottery

Good Points

  • Free shipping on orders of $39 or more.

Negative Points

  • The contact field is not working.
  • Social media profiles are not available.
  • I didn’t make any comments.

Notes on selling a box:

Based on our research, we tend to find that there are no customer reviews or ratings on this site. No customers have rated the store’s articles because there are no customer reviews on the website pages. Website reviews are not listed on any review site. Also, the Boxssale store does not have a Facebook page. We tend not to be able to see customer reviews on any post.

Considering the reviews, the location seems well worth it. Therefore, consumers should exercise caution after leaving this site. Explore this site to check out the many credit card scams.


The structure of the article is Boxssale Scam or Legit. The trust score of this site is only 1 Chronicles so the lifetime is not 1 month. Along with each of these facts, we will not say that the site is correct. Learn more about PayPal scams on this page. Go to this link to learn more about the pants.

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