Interested in what we found on Scam or Legit? The store may be new, empty in town, but is it definitely worth the trip? Scroll through our article to find out.

Want to add a little something extra to your shoe collection? Did you sneak out together? If so, this article might be right for you. This is a web store that is regularly updated by us and we collect all the important information about the store. scam or legit.

Is real?

  • Company portal – its registration data is not registered anywhere.
  • Portal trust issue – The trust index is not available in the market.
  • Alexa Rank – This is the lowest global ranking (1057419).
  • Social networks. Facebook pages are not available.
  • Company address: Not listed anywhere.
  • Type of contact – not given.
  • Refund details – Not available.
  • Return information – Out of stock.
  • Privacy policy – advertise on the site, but it’s a bit fake.
  • Property Information – Not available on the market.
  • Does offer reviews? not at all


Askmall is described as an online shoe retailer. They often have Greek god stuff on their website. They use all the information they get from their customers to create the most efficient and fastest online expertise for sending email orders.

This enables them to offer customers special offers and discounts on products.

Is Scam or Legit?

You should check the properties of this store to confirm its authenticity.

  • Portal Type Portal Type is an online sports shoe store for women and men.
  • Item Type – Greek God Air Force, Greek Air God, Vintage Shoes Classification, etc.
  • Portal registration date: Date cannot be determined.
  • The portal’s end date has not been determined.
  • Website URL – https://askamal.ml
    email address:
  • Contact type – not listed on the website.
  • Company Address: Not available everywhere in the market.
  • Submission Details – Catalog passed through its own website.
  • Delivery schedule – Not listed here.

Benefits according to reviews

  • An email address is listed for customer service representatives to assist customers.


  • Customer feedback is nowhere to be found.
  • They do not provide important details about the company or its policies.

More Views

Askmall is an online shoe retailer, but there are no reviews. There are no such comments on the net, even on different sites. Here you will find more information about PayPal scams.

The Result

Askmall is an online sneaker retailer whose details we cannot find at this time. Shop trust status is not a gift. Therefore, we recommend that you do not visit this site until you have more detailed information about the area. Click here for more information on MasterCard fraud.

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