What about the revenue you earn every time you download an app or game? Sounds pretty simple, right? In this review I will talk about Like Up and give my honest opinion about it. Is it really worth it? Fake or legit?

Let’s learn!

What is an application?

AppLike is another popular tool that allows users to take control of apps and games on their mobile devices. It’s powered by a German company called AppLike Gmbh and it’s similar to other apps we’ve reviewed in the past like App Trailer and AppNana.

Every time you download and use the app, you earn points (mCoins) that you can redeem for PayPal or gift cards.

The app is available worldwide for Android devices. However, depending on your country and profile, you may not find many benefits.

Is the app a scam?

No, I think AppLike is legit. If you look at the Google Play platform, you will see that the app has a lot of good ideas, but also a lot of bad ones.

Here are some of his worst experiences with humans:

This guy lost his phone and needed a few mCoins to withdraw $10 when he had to buy a new one. When I tried to log in, my account was locked due to suspicious activity and I was unable to withdraw my funds.
Many people create their own account.
It takes more than a month to get salary.
An instructional program is sufficient.


Selfishness and discontent

Good things
Receive 5555 nCoins as sign up bonus.
Available worldwide. However, the number of programs varies from country to country.
Good communication team.
Easy to use.
They talk negative
Minimum production capacity.
There are many applications and games.
The minimum amount is low. However, some programs take very little time, so payment may take longer.
Only available for Android devices.

How does Applike work?

After you install AppLike and register for free, you will see a selection of games and apps to choose from.

Shortly after the installation I realized there was one game left. Then I installed the game by clicking the “Play and Collect” button and it opened.

Seconds later, I got a message from AppLike that I had received 99 points.

Well, with 12,669 mCoins worth £1, I made less than 1% on this trade. To be exact, they charged me $0.0078.

I don’t know why, but after downloading the first app, the list was updated and two more appeared. It doesn’t even work on my old Nexus tablet.

They claim that their algorithm derives appropriate recommendations based on anonymized data of all AppLike users.

The downside is that unlike other similar apps, it doesn’t tell you how many points you earn before downloading. Too bad, because if the reward is too small, it’s not worth it?

After installation, check the running applications section to see what specific requirements you need to meet to earn points. They will also tell you how many coins you will get there.

In the example above, they said, “You will receive 99 mCoins at 00:54.” However, you may also have other requirements such as playing the game and reaching a certain level or earning a certain number of points.


Like many premium apps out there, AppLike isn’t bad, but it takes a long time to make money. Not only are the plans cheaper, the costs are often much lower.


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