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Student loan debt rises to $1.7 billion by 2021, causing a lot of trouble for people in times of pandemic.

Student loans have always been a huge problem in the US and UK, and each federal government has tried to solve it in their own way.

To help the community, many private institutions take on the role of alumnus companion groups. This article will discuss Are Alumni Solutions a Scam or are they helping students with loan arrangement and debt reduction.

What is Alumni Solutions?

To reduce the debt burden of alumni who have taken out student loans for their higher education, the government offers debt relief in many ways. Because alumni still do not know this pattern and process, the private sector works and offers various services.

These bodies are known as Alumni Solutions. However, there was a trending news on various social networks that there was a launch of a new program to forgive student loans, since then people have been roaming the internet looking for Scam Alumni Loan Forgiveness Solutions.

We will discuss their legitimacy in the next section. Let’s first look at some of the ways the government provides emergency assistance:

Provides the opportunity to consolidate federal student loans.
Alumni can lower their monthly rates, which reduces their burden.
People can apply for a student loan name plan, and if they meet the criteria, they can drop out.
If someone defaults on paying off a loan, you can help them remove them from a predefined list.
Alumni Solutions also features various artificial intelligence based products, which are very popular all over the world.

Is Alumni Solutions a Scam?

In the previous section, we looked at some of the reorganization measures included in the student loan amnesty plan. Private institutions call students and pay fees to settle loan debt problems, but some institutions cheat alumni with their money and don’t provide loan debt services in return.

Student loan amnesty or alumni fraud has always been around in the US, and in 2017, the Commerce Commission launched a pre-emptive strike game to control these threats. But the year of the pandemic allowed scammers to respond.

Alumni Solutions Loan Forgiveness Scams: About Accidents

Many received voicemails from a woman named Britney Price at 629-209-6845, who introduced herself as an agent in the “Alumni Help Group” (#1769).

On the response machine, Britney said she worked for several amnesty programs for student loans. So if students go back to their message, he will help them in the “student forgiveness program”. What’s interesting here is that he mentions that the program is for those who are first going and limited.

But these programs raise a question: The Alumni Solutions Scam only applies if it comes from a government agency. Therefore, this message is a complete scam.

Voicemail transcription

Hi! Britney Price here, contact the Alumni Solutions Support Group on agent number 1769 and my phone number ***.

This special invitation to let you know that you are still eligible to participate in the forgiveness program, but with very few free spots, come back soon to fill in the details. And don’t miss this opportunity.”

Also many receive the same message multiple times from different names and IDs. Let’s assume that you have received the same message; Don’t be in a hurry to act. This is a 100% scam message.

Learn more about the Alumni Assi scam solution

The public has suffered greatly from the epidemic and the situation has been exacerbated by fraudsters. The Better Business Bureau website has about seventy reviews of the alumni help center, with four ratings.

So we can say that not all alumni solution providers are scammers, but you should always be vigilant and distinguish between genuine solution providers and scammers.

Annex P’s recent comment on the BBB website confirmed that fraudsters can get in touch even if they don’t take out a student loan.

Many depressed people discuss fraud on social media and tell their story so that we can say it was fraud. For more information, follow this link.

Last judgement

Since Alumni Solutions fraud is committed on behalf of loan services, you should not trust an agent without knowing the facts.

Alumni are not allowed to make a decision because the government has imposed a moratorium on paying federal student loans until September 30, 2021.

If you are aware of any alumni loan scam, please share it with w.c. in the comments section and share your thoughts on the post below. Visit this link to learn more about online fraud.


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