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In so many different places in the world, the cell phone allows us to connect with everyone in the world. But how can we ensure that we stay in touch with our loved ones even when we are away from home? Let’s discuss some very important information about international phones to start.

Basic principles of international applications

To call someone abroad, enter the country code before the area code and number. To make the cheapest phone calls to Cuba, you need e.g. use the number 53. The code to call Italy from the US is 39. To call a local number in Italy, dial 39-011234567. If you have a landline, you need a local access card and a national phone card.

Many countries in the world have their own unique code starting from 01. Making international calls using calling cards is a big advantage. They usually work with any dial plan. Therefore, you should not consider paying for calls per minute or international SMS without checking how it will work with your mobile phone plan. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing an international calling plan.

1. Use the right calling card

There are many companies that sell calling cards that are easy to use, but make sure you choose a reliable one. Find a map with an active cell phone network. You must call the company’s mobile network using the numbers on the back of the calling card. Check if the connection error limit applies to the calling card. If it exceeds 5%, it is usually an indication that the network is unavailable. You can use the same card for local and international calls, but it may be cheaper to buy two separate cards if this is the case.

2. Pay your plan in advance

One of the easiest ways to save money on international calls is to research how much the service costs and how much you can buy in advance. This will prevent you from being put on hold during an international call or having to pay verbally for a text message. To plan ahead, you need to know the call rate for the area code and the minute rate in each of those codes. If you don’t know how much you’ll need to spend up front, ask the company you bought the phone card from. They can tell you if they can give you free calling cards.

3. Use international dialing programs

Some people prefer international calling over the standard method because it is faster. With the app, you can save more by using your phone’s calling features and then using your phone’s data plan for everything else. There are many tools that provide these features.


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