Realm of Genshin Impact is full of fun, action and puzzles. Events and actions are possible by fighting and defeating bosses. But to solve the puzzles, you have to solve the problems. After completing these puzzles, you will be rewarded with rewards such as choosing a different weapon or new abilities for your character. As you play, you will discover that the Genshin Impact Wuwang Hill puzzle is a treasure chest full of rewards such as gems. However, in most cases, players will be able to gain a pattern of XP, which can be useful if you consider it in terms of completing the entire game.

How to solve Genshin Impact Wuwang Hill puzzle?

To find the exact starting point of the puzzle, visit the nearest road and then climb to the top of Ouwang. Mount Uvan.

Experts advise users to go through the communication center in the village of Tsintse. The telephone number of Qingce Village is between the letter “g” and the letter “e”. From there it is easy to climb this mountain. Anyone can climb a mountain without increasing stamina.

When you reach the middle of the game, you will be given information to solve the puzzle about Genshin’s Impact Wuwang Hill. You can follow these tips if you want to try it yourself. Otherwise, you can read all the way through without interruption.

Then you can activate the symbols in the right order (see the image below for an example). A statue will be placed in front of the lake. The other is near the tree. Then you will see the third one next to the yellow flowers. And the last one is at the foot of the rock.

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All players need to do is to get Stone Shard and other rewards like XP and more. Follow the latest updates. You can follow us on Twitter and also like our Facebook page.


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