Funky Friday codes can add a great deal to the game, including movements and focuses. In light of the old arcade mood game sensation Friday Night Funkin’, Funky Friday is another Roblox experience that is filling in fame on account of its similitudes to Dance Revolution.

Funky Friday codes, conveyed by the game’s engineer, Lyte Interactive, show up now and again. Be that as it may, there is no set timetable, so it’s great to watch out for our page to see when new codes are delivered – more codes implies more focuses and more livelinesss!

Dynamic Funky Friday Codes

These are the Funky Friday codes that work:

1yearscoop – One Year Scoop Microphone
1yearfunky – 1,000 points
2v2!! – Sakuroma Microphone
9keyishere – 500 points
CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU – Cheese microphone
XMAS21 – candy cane animation
1BILCHEESE – lose control
MILLIONLIKES – radio emote
100kactive – 250 points
Halfbillion – 500 points
250M – 250 points
19DOLLAR – RickRoll animation
1MILFAVS – boombox animation
100M – 500 points

How would I recover Funky Friday codes?

To recover codes on Funky Friday, follow similar basic strides as most other Roblox games: go into the game, click the Twitter symbol at the highest point of the screen, enter your code in the exchange, and snap Then click “Reclaim” to get your award code.


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