In this article, we have discussed Fraser Fair 2022 and all the information related to this popular event.
Are you the type of person who likes to be part of fun activities? Do you attend such events? If so, continue reading this article discussing this type of trade show.

Fraser Fair 2022 is one such fair which has various fun activities. People in the US talk a lot about this event. Tell us when this event was celebrated and why people are so excited.

For this fair

The Fraser Lions Club Awards are celebrated annually in the United States. It’s a family-friendly festival with live entertainment, music, carnival rides, beer and food.

This year the fair was from Thursday 21 July to Sunday 24 July 2022 and featured many events such as the Fraser Fireworks

Stevens Park was where all the action was on Tuesday. There are about 30 attractions, games and vendors. And the events were done by Big Rock Rides.

In 2020 the entire event was canceled due to the coronavirus and in 2021 the parade was abandoned. This time the parade was scheduled with all the other events – the parade showcased life in Fraser and started at Fraser High School.

The community responded very well to the event.

This fair is a big deal that the city looks forward to. Let’s see why so many people love this fair.

Why is this fair famous?

The Fraser Fair 2022 is one of the most famous events in the entire country. Residents and anyone looking for relaxation and fun are always welcome at this event.

Who does not want to participate in many fun activities? Anyone who likes to play different games, explore food and drinks, watch fireworks and do fun things like this will want to be a part of it.

Some said the beer tent was one of the best things about the carnival. Some enjoy sports and others enjoy food and drink. This is a colorful event that includes activities for all age groups.

Fraser Fair 2022 event

The 2022 Fraser Lions Club Festival features a variety of events including carnival rides, various games, food tents, beer tents, vendor displays, live music and fireworks

Various bands performed there, including Weekend Comeback, Whiskey Fix and No Limits. It was a city parade.

The event started on Thursday from 16:00 to 23:00. The timing for Friday’s event was from midnight. Saturday, noon to midnight is the same. The New Castle fireworks display ended the event on Sunday night.


End of term of Fraser Fair 2022. We think this fair is interesting and best for those who want to participate in such big events.

Click on this link to learn more about the Fraser Lion Club.

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