Here is the true story of a site that offers free food and attracts users. You can also find out what has to say about it.

You like to eat? Think you can get free food? The word “free” is so mysterious that it can tempt anyone. We were surprised to learn that the online retailer was offering free food to US citizens.

If you are interested in this website, check out to find the best way to eat for free.

What is seems like an interesting site since you first saw it. The site is an online marketplace for food. However, we were surprised to see only two products: one was a food box and the other was an unknown coffee box.

Snack Box $ 49.99, Mystery K Cup Box $ 69.99. However, both products are not currently free. But first you need to know if is legit. The problem with this product is that it’s not free because you have to pay for the shipping. Also, when you buy these products, a contract is signed, which means your mail is often delivered to your mailbox until you cancel your order.

There is no information about the company or its owners. The lack of information on the site is completely surprising.

What are the characteristics?

Find free food here:
Address information Address information: No address.
Reviews: There are no online reviews of
Contact number: No contact number
Enter an email address: Email address not listed.
Submission Process: There are no details in this section.
Delivery time: unknown
Delivery cost: $ 19.95
Delivery distance is only available in the United States
Return Requirements: Unavailable due to spoiled food.
Methods of payment: We only accept credit cards.
Free Shipping: No free shipping.
Coupon offer: Free items, latest discount items are now free.
Unsubscribe: No info
Terms of Purchase: reviews indicate that a subscription is required to purchase the products. If the free inventory is never used, you will be billed monthly unless you choose to manually cancel it.
Facebook opens a social media account: the site also has an Instagram account. Instagram
An exchange policy no longer applies

Benefits summary

The costs are flat rate shipping costs for all shipping addresses.

Summary of abuses

Details of the policy were not mentioned.
International orders are not accepted.
There are only two products.
It is not free
Purchase options are not available without a subscription
No contact details

Is this a legitimate website, according to

Registration information Registration date: 08-10-2021
Domain age: 26 days only
Contact information: Nothing to post
Additional Payment Methods: Credit card is the only option.
No information on the owner
Legality of the address: no address.
Trust score 2%
Policy details Policy details are not available
Reviews: Could not find a review for the website.
Presence on social media on Instagram: the site can be viewed on Instagram
Number of copies: Many copies
If you look at the data, the data is not clear. that the website is legitimate.

Customer Reviews

A review to know if is legit or not. The official site does not allow customers to exchange views. So we have not received a review on the site.

Surprisingly, even though the website’s Instagram page was full of users, there were no comments. This further clarifies the doubts about the foods sold on this site. Due to the lack of reviews, we recommend that you try PayPal’s simple and easy refund method.

Court Decision

Our extensive research on shows that the site is lacking in information. There are also some downsides which indicate that the site is not legitimate. If you are interested in this merchant’s website, you should first consider the steps to pay for credit card fraud.


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