The growers never undermine the significance of plant growth. Plant growth regulators offer a cost-effective solution for boosting the growth of plants in greenhouses or nurseries. Primo Maxx plant growth regulator decreases the nutrients and water requirements and decreases labour and plant spacing. Plant growth regulators support a consistent crop which ultimately increases sales. Primo Maxx helps reduce leaf and stem growth and helps with turf management. 


Ornamental growers face immense pressure to deliver plants with the desired shape, optimum size, and excellent quality at affordable prices. This is a challenging task to achieve, but the plant growth regulators are at the rescue of the growers. Plant growers working on a large scale apply PGRs to achieve increased precision in their production programs. Based on the PGR application, it is also possible to predict the plant height with accuracy throughout the cycle of growth. PGR incorporation is a widespread practice followed by growers.


Many growers share that it is challenging to meet their growth needs without a PGR application. Though the application is not for every plant, it’s a significant part of the production plan. It not only saves the bench space but also helps with tighter spacing. PGR helps in reducing plant spacing by 20% in the greenhouse. This helps with more plants per square foot and a decreased fixed production cost. The reduction of fixed costs can offer 10 times the return on the PGR investment made by the grower. The benefits don’t end there; with PGRs, the growers can decrease water or fertiliser use by 20%. 


Journey From Cart to Store


The application of PGRs in lower doses offers an economical way of limiting crop growth once it has reached a certain height. The growers can quickly get the plant to a particular height and use the primo Maxx plant growth regulator to maintain the plants until they are ready to be shipped. It isn’t easy to sell tall plants, and even challenging to ship them. When the plant size is reduced, the customers receive a lovely-looking plant. The growers also get to ship more plants in their carts. When more pots are shipped on a cart, the plants face lesser damage during transit. 




Consumers and retailers have high expectations from the plants, so growers need to use PGRs on several varieties to control the plant’s height. After all, retailers don’t wish for apparent differences in the shape, size, and colour of the plant received. 


Consumers select the plants based on the displays and leave the undesirable plant. Sometimes, such plants never make it to the cart and end up being discarded. It is recommended to read the labels thoroughly and ask fellow growers about the PGR trails on the plant and the best results. 


There is no one size fits all rule regarding Primo Maxx plant growth regulator. You can’t go by one approach, as the growers must decide based on their experience. It has been observed that plants respond pretty well to the PGRs, but the landscape grass can’t be controlled. The PGRs are also good for annuals and perennials. There is a learning curve regarding PGR application on perennials. 


The Primo Maxx plant growth regulator requires much research and experimentation to get the best results. PGRs help growers achieve higher customer satisfaction. They also lead to improved profit margins for the growers. PGRs are not an expense but an investment that will help you make money in the long run.



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