Read this article for more details on Disney comedy, which opens the age list of the most wanted characters in Encanto.

Have you heard of the age of the characters in the Walt Disney music project? Is that true? What is Music Fantasy Walt Disney Animation Studio?

The latest release of Barbie’s first Disney-themed cartoon has gone viral. People around the world are paying close attention to the age of this actor.

Scroll down to the links in this article to find a list of the facts and ages of the Encanto characters and to show the age or youth of each character!

Details about Disney Encanto:

Disney has created an online response with the release of Encanto, the latest music comedy of 2021. November 24, History. The film tells the story of a hero named Mirabel Madrigal, who was born into a magical family and everyone dedicated to him. wonderful sparks.

The story revolves around a character and a family that includes his sister, mother and other relatives. In addition to the superpowers, the age of these characters is the main purpose of the film. Details are given below.

The nature of the Enkanto period:

There is no information on the age of the character in Encanto, so the director of the film posted the same thing on twitter. To be clear, the following is a list of all actors by age:

Camilo is 15 years old
Luisa is 19 years old
Pepa is 50 years old
Abuela Alma is 75 years old
Bruno is 50 years old
Augustine is 50 years old
Antonio – 5 years
Felix is ​​50 years old
Isabela is 21 years old
Juliet is 50 years old
Dolores – 21 years old
Mirabel is 15 years old

More about the age of the Encanto character

For those who know what the eldest child in the family is, the age list of these characters shows that their names are Isabella and Dolores. They are both the same age, only one month apart. Although these two characters are the same age, their powers are different.

How did the public react to this film?

The film’s sequel has already been released in 2021. November; public reactions to the same have been found. Disney fans loved the film, which generated a huge response on social media and the internet.

In addition to story and character roles, Encanto Character characters are also highly sought after. Fans can’t wait to see the age difference of all the characters, so the re-director has launched his own Twitter account.

Final decision:

Encanto is Disney’s first animated film to feature Barbie in glasses. The story was judged by the audience and fans, and a uniform 7.3 IMDB rating was created. The article also mentions the age of the characters in the film, which shows that Dolores and Isabelle are the elders of the group.

Take a look at Encanto using the link provided.

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