The following article is a guide for those who do not know the language of thought.
Are you afraid of Wordle? I mean, have you ever thought of an 11 word game for a 5 letter answer? Then don’t worry because there are many confused people like you in the US, UK and Canada.

This is now a Wordle 405 document. One bad piece of advice players are starting to use is history for the rest. Let’s take a closer look at the emotion term.

Any ideas?

It’s not a mental answer, and it can’t be a word answer because the word is long. Instructions for players are as follows:

Words start with the letter U and end with the letter T.
The answer does not contain two syllables or repeated characters.
The present tense is a noun that expresses an emotion.
The problem could be the meaning of the word.
So it’s odd that you find all the answers.

What are emotions?

Many people will be disappointed after getting the correct answer and realizing that the word doesn’t match the words. However, you should not question your abilities by asking these questions. Idea is a word you can find in many popular dictionaries.

It is a word often used in everyday conversation. But I don’t think it can fit all variants of Wordle beyond word limits. But this is not the answer.

What do these words mean?

The definition of emotion is not found in the Cambridge Dictionary, Collins, or Merriam-Webster, nor in the Macmillan Dictionary. Cambridge says it makes sense.

According to Merriam-Webster, it means forming an opinion or idea. According to Collins, this comes from strong emotions. Macmillan defines this term as an argument that affects our lives in some way.

Why is there a difference?

The word “idea” is popular today for a number of reasons. One is clear and implicit. In particular, the term ‘anxiety anxiety’ is controversial based on the above information. Players tend to be slightly stronger and slightly weaker in challenging games. So they try to match math words in every possible way. Meditation can be an example. We believe that those who accept this word as an answer should play Wordle forever.


Finally, July 29th Word 405 looks easy, but it isn’t. To avoid things like emotional roses, it’s a good idea to try a few different words and challenges to see if your thoughts are different. Perhaps your subconscious mind is not ready to deal with all the stress and get away from your routine.


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