This article introduces the Daneishallen Review, a website that aims to offer bespoke t-shirts.

Today we bring you an online store that sells t-shirts with print. This site operates in the United States. They promise to sell custom t-shirts at affordable prices. Some people have disputed the authenticity and authenticity of this site. You can read this Daneishallen review for more information.

What is Daneihallen?

According to the website’s website, it offers tailored shirts for animal lovers. One site claims to offer everything at a reasonable price and promises better customer service.

The site also has a limited selection of t-shirts as well as product and price information. This led to suspicions such as Is Danneishallen Legit.

Daneishahallen General terms and conditions

The website URL is
Products – t-shirts with individual patterns
Customer service number- +17272858185
Company Address: United States 3588 W Loon Lake Rd Angola NA 46703
Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Gpay
The newsletter is not displayed
Not specified: Links to social media
Domain Creation Date-17/10/2
Shipping: $ 7.95 per item
Delivery time: within 10-15 days
Exchange and return policy within 30 days
Refund policy – 3-5 business days
If you are interested in the site and want to know more, read these Daneishallen reviews.

What are the benefits of buying Daneishallen?

All contact information such as email postal address, customer service number and office address provided on the website.
Each product has good customer reviews.
Customers can have their shirts printed to order.
The site also offers a flexible return and refund policy.

What are the disadvantages of buying Daneishallen

There are no customer reviews online.
This page is not on social media.
Shipping costs are high.
It is poorly designed and poorly equipped.
The site has a low trust score and rating.

Is Daneihallen worth it?

Although many online stores claim to sell 100% authentic products, one cannot trust this as online fraud is on the rise. To avoid fraud, it is important to be careful about the products you buy.

We’ve put together some tips to help people identify fraudulent sites.

Domain expiration – The website’s domain name has a short term, as it expires after 17.10.2022.
Trust rating – This site has a low trust rating of 14.6%.
Customer Reviews – Only star ratings will be available on this portal. Daneihallen does not write on Trustpilot.
Links to social media – There are no links to social media on the website. We have not received any presence on social networks on the site.
Trust Score – This site has a rating of 2%.
Domain creation date – domain name registered on 17/10/2021.
Pirated content: The page is restricted so the content is not original.
Address originality – The information entered does not appear to be original.
No discounts –

What are the customer reviews of Daneishallen?

Although the website has received positive customer reviews, there is no public registration of customer reviews on the licensed website. However, the site does not contain information about external links that buyers find credible. It concluded that customers should expect reality checks.

The final decision

We came to the conclusion that the website is still unknown in the e-commerce market and has only appeared recently. The site also claims to offer custom t-shirts, but we are not sure about the quality of its products.

To avoid fraud, it is best to wait for Daneishallen reviews from honest buyers.


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