This article about Kolosvo Scene brings you all the information about the website to check the legitimacy of the website. Check out our article to learn more.

Want to buy new designer clothes from the shopping site? Do you know a portal where you can find all the fashion clothes you need? Otherwise, this is the page you’re looking for. The web portal is developed in the USA.

In this article about Kolosvos Scene, we will get all the details of the web portal and its fashion products to know its price. Check out the blog below to learn more.

What is

This is a great shopping portal. It has the best collection of best fashion t-shirts. Their t-shirt collection is amazing. Complete tea is available in many unique sizes and colors. The quality of all their shirts is excellent. T-shirts are made of 100% cotton. At the same time, it also gives discounts on its products. But since it is a web-based shopping site, buyers should check whether Kolosvo is legit or a fake site.

Features of;

Web Portal URL:
Online Portal Launch: Online Portal Availability Date 06/03/2022.
Site Expiration Date: Site Expiration Date is 03/06/2023.
The service email address is:
The official website address is: 3608 Elliot Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA.
Delivery Time: It usually takes 10-15 business days to ship an order.

Free Shipping Service: Offers free shipping service on all your orders.

Standard shipping method: At Kolosvo Sin we offer a standard shipping method for your orders.
Call list: There is no list of call numbers.
Web Developer Name: Web Developer Name is not available.
Social Platform Presence: There is no social media logo for your product.

Feedback: Provide 30 consecutive days of service for your product.
Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.

Advantages of;

He mentioned the official address of the company.
Offered many payment methods. Limits;

There are no social media icons.

Is Colosvo legit or a fake website?

The web portal has a very impressive collection of cute t-shirts. It is still important to verify its authenticity. The following points will help you understand the truth;

Site development date: Site availability date 06/03/2022.
Trust Score: The site has a very poor trust score of only 1%.

Percentage of copied content: The percentage of content extracted from the web portal is 0%.

Discount offers: Additional items offer convenient discounts for purchases.
Valid email account: The website has provided a valid email address.
Social media sites: According to Kolosvo Sin, there are no social media logos for their products.
Address: 3608 Elliott Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55407, USA
On Demand Exchange: Provides an on demand exchange tool.
Return Shipping: Customer must pay return shipping charges.
Alexa Site Rank: The overall Alexa rank for the site is #2616817.

How to cancel an order: Please allow 24 hours after placing an order to cancel an order.
Refund Information: Refunds are transferred to the buyer’s original payment option.
Policy Pages: Contains various policy pages.

Colossians says:

There are several customer reviews on the web portal. The overall Alexa rank of the site is # 2616817. There are no social network logos on the web portal. And no comments on social media platforms and online portals. Here’s What Buyers Should Follow – How To Recover A Fraudulent Credit Card?

Last message;

The site has no experience in selling electronic products. Internet interfaces do not have many customers for their products. The level of trust in the Internet is low. At the same time, a review of Kolosvo shows that there are no warnings from entertainment portals, online entertainment portals and web-based entertainment facilities. This site is interesting and customers should check out this shopping portal. Buyers should also be aware – how do you get a PayPal refund if you’ve been scammed?

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