This article provides information about the e-commerce portal and informs users about the Clarks Discount review, compliance score and other information.

Are you looking for a website that offers a variety of women’s clothing services? Want to know if is a legitimate website? Users in the UK were skeptical about the Clarksdicount store website and wanted to know more about them.

Through this article, we will clear the doubts of all the users and talk about the review of ClarksDiscount and look into the issue of compliance of the website.

About the Clarkdigest website review is a newly launched online website that focuses on womenswear and offers a wide range of designs.

However, after looking at the reviews, we realized that most of the users were not happy to buy from the site due to insufficient information, low site traffic and lack of customer feedback section.

We couldn’t find many positive comments on the internet indicating that we should be cautious and cautious about the site.

Was Clark’s release legal?

After studying reviews, consumers want to know if they can trust a website with their personal and financial information. Let’s take a look.

The age of the database domain is 2 months and 3 days, indicating that it was created recently. has a trust score of 2%, which is not a good sign for any e-commerce site.

The global rank of Clarksdiscount website is 5380811, the country rank ie. UK position has yet to be announced.

No copy is visible due to missing words and letters, which is a bad page.

What are customers saying about Clarksdiscount Syn?

Online, as we saw in the section above, there aren’t many reviews by customers and very few people hang out on the site.

However, our investigation team found the site to be suspicious based on information obtained from the internet and therefore the customer did not want to do business with

Also, the site is just launching, so it’s best to wait and see how it performs before jumping to any conclusions.

More information about compliance

If you’re wondering if ClarksDiscount is legit or a scam, consider these additional points that will help make the picture clearer than ever.

The company name is Laila Limited.
The company has its address in Hong Kong.
There does not appear to be a customer service email address, the email address is
The FAQ section seems to have been removed and the developers put little effort into the design of the site.

The site accepts payment through PayPal, Amex, Diners Club and many other ways.
Consequently, many users consider the site illegal and label the site as suspicious.

The last word

Based on the above information and Clarksdiscount Syn, we can conclude that the website is not for online orders. Users should take necessary precautions to avoid e-commerce scams.

What do you think of Please share your thoughts with us.


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