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The movie craze has increased significantly in recent years. People are trying a new genre in movies. The anime has gained a huge audience with its cute and cute characters. People are updating them these days with upcoming anime like this cyberpunk Edgerunner. Do you know Cyberpunk: Edgerunner? have you heard Are you an anime person and do you know about Netflix’s collaboration with this anime? Did you know that people all over the world have been waiting for this for a long time? If so, you’re in luck because the Cyberpunk Edgerunners Wiki is about to be moderated.

What is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners?

It is a science fiction and thriller anime released on September 13, 2022. It is produced by Trigger studio and the motivation is taken from the game called cyberpunk 2077 developed by CD Projekt. You’ll be happy to know that in addition to Japanese, you can also watch Netflix in English due to high demand. Netflix will release it in September 2022 and the wait is over.

Written by Masahiko Otsuka and Yoshiki USA. The characters of Cyberpunk Edgerunners are david, lucy, maine, dorio, kiwi, pilar, rebecca, faraday, gloria and doc the ripper. If these characters were voiced and dubbed, the voices of our amazing characters would be as follows. Zach Aguilar will replace David. Aoi Yuki will be the voice of Lucy, voiced by Maine Willian c. In walking, Takako Honda will be the voice of the Kiwi, Wataru Takagi will be the voice of the feet, etc. Not all of them are in English and the Japanese voice will be different, so some are in English and some are in Japanese.

Cyberpunk Edge Runners: What is the main story?

The story is based on a street kid trying to survive in a futuristic city where all the people are obsessed with fashion and body modification. The city is high-tech and has many advanced technologies. He has no choice and must survive somehow, so he does so as an Egderunner, also known as the name of the cyberpunk title.

The story is a science fiction based thriller like most of us today. David Martinez Cyberpunk is the star of the entire anime around which the story revolves.

Edgerunners cyberpunk reviews

People really like this anime. Most of the reviews were positive, saying that it was a successful anime and loved by everyone. People said they liked it because it had great action and suspense. Some said they had never played Cyberpunk 2077 but still thought it was great.


Cyberpunk Edge Runner is available on Netflix and you can watch it right away. Cyberpunk Edgerunners merchandise ratings are excellent; 8.52/10, which is a good score. Read till the end to know everything. Click the link for more information on cyberpunk racers.

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