Who doesn’t want to earn money quickly and easily? Everyone wants easy money. Scammers use this opportunity to target people living in the United States. The United States has promised to pay $750 when the online application is completed.

Cashapp22.com is a website that invites users to complete surveys. The site claims to offer $750 to $1,000 cash like other offers after completing 20-25 simple tasks or offers. However, when they try to access the website, they will be redirected to another third party website.

Since this program is popular and attracts many people, users want to know if Cashapp22.com is a scam or real.

What is Cashapp22.com?

Cashapp22.com is an online platform that offers cash prizes to those who complete 20-25 simple tasks or offers. The site directs users to SurveysandPromoonline.com, a third-party portal that rewards users between $750 and $1,000 for completing online surveys and offers.

The site claims that it will reward cash when users complete sponsored offers within 7-7 days. After the offer ends, you must go through the identity verification process in order to claim the prize. However, there are some caveats about the website that you should be aware of before joining.

Is Cashapp22.com Scam or Real?

Cashapp22.com is an online survey site that offers cash prizes. This is a real scam site for several reasons. When you visit these websites, you will be redirected to illegal third party websites to earn money online. You will be asked a few questions when you are on the website.

Do you use money based apps?
Want $750 in bonus cash?
How many times a week do you shop?
After answering the question, an email address will be requested, and then the Cashapp22 scam will begin. If you read the fine print carefully, you will see the warning. I accept the email marketing terms and conditions and privacy policy by clicking here.

After submitting your email id you will start receiving spam but no money credited to your money app account. This forces us to use your email address to send marketing emails.

What are users saying?

Users who leave the site leave their thoughts and opinions in the discussion forum. According to US users, Cashapp22.com is fake.

After listening to the radio, he visited the website and discovered the Cashapp22.com scam. They try to lure people with good offers and cash prizes, and in return they get email addresses that they use in email marketing.

People say they were scammed by the site and should avoid it. You can check the topic online for more information.


Cashapp22.com is another scam site that directs users to third-party sites where they can complete surveys and sponsor offers to receive promised cash prizes. But the site is wrong, as many Internet users have proven.

cashapp22 scam starts when you open your email ID, fraudsters use it to sell through email and spam.


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