This article provides information on parking fraud in Calgary and urges consumers to be vigilant.

Do you have a message on your cell phone about parking? It’s amazing that you’re not the only one experiencing this, but there are many others across Canada who are unhappy with the information they received in Calgary.

Read more about parking ticket scams in Calgary.

What is a parking ticket scam and how can I avoid it?

Calgary’s mayor notified them that some users had been sending fraudulent text messages containing parking tickets from Canada, Australia and other countries. When you get one of these messages but don’t remember it, it’s important to be careful.

What do police have to say about the Calgary City Hall parking scam?

The council and the police warned that people should not respond to messages or provide information. This would be misleading and every person clicking on the link could be harmed.

In one case, people had to pay $103 to unlock parking. This is part of the Calgary City Council parking ticket scam. People all over the country need to know what to do.

What things should everyone move?

If you want to protect your bank account and personal information from these scammers, do not respond to the threat. Be sure to report any suspicious document to the police unless you believe it is a fake.

Call 403-266-1234 to notify the City of Calgary when a parking ticket is suspended.

What’s in the parking lot?

According to the report, the man faces a parking fee and must pay a fine. He also spoke of the last days. There is a link in this article. When the customer clicks, he gets the information directly. These scams can steal your bank account details and other information.


Everyone wants to avoid fraud, especially on their property, such as City of Calgary parking ticket fraud. It’s best to take steps to protect your money and personal information from scammers.

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