The reviews provide unbiased information about the Birissine store. Read to the end of this article.

Are you looking for a hijab dress? did you call the store? This store is popular in Turkey and has a good selection of women’s clothing. This site offers an amazing and unique collection. provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of your website.

Also, if you are looking for validation, this post will help you. Continue downloading.

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Bersin is the most famous store for women’s clothing. There are many collections of women’s clothing with great discounts. Add an unlimited number of products to your cart to take advantage of various programs and discounts. The following groups are available on our website.

hijab dress
We have T-shirts
clothing fabric
Children’s clothing
Ask yourself this question. Is .com right for you? Customers who want to purchase products from this portal can see important information such as site credibility and reviews. Businesses are now aware of cybercrime and this type of crime has reached record levels. Consumers should beware of anonymous sellers who mislead innocent customers. Therefore, we recommend that you do not submit any personal information and that you familiarize yourself with all legal requirements.

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Position: Unknown
Phone: 08505325090
Location Details: OSB Area Solomon Haskop Craft Fair Market Demirel Blvd Market. 5 Ikateri / Istanbul
I could not find any information about on the official site. The kit has no consumer design. However, some internet sites offer conflicting opinions.
The table will rotate. you can go back to your country This page contains a form that you need to fill out after submission.
distribution distribution. Delivery within 3 days. Couriers can deliver within 1-3 business days.
Payment Terms: The site has no payment methods.

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location and phone number

unfair victory

I don’t know how to pay.
This site has negative reviews. In other words, there is no survey on the official site.

Are .coms legal?

Our team has done extensive research on this store and found a lot of reliable information on the website and shared it with our readers. Interested readers can check this information to see if the store is reliable.

Creation website: April 21, 2014, the opening day of the Bilisin store. This site was opened eight years ago.
Trust: 40% trust the store. This is not a real measure of faith. Don’t believe blindly.
Statistics: Aerotech Bliss Sanai and Ticketet A.S.
shop review. A zero rating is available on the official website. However, an online review site gave a mixed rating of 3.5/5.
social network. The site is integrated with Facebook and has an account rating of 3.9/5.
Error: Site email address not found. Store locations and phone numbers are displayed.
Data protection. The website claims to securely transmit data from sender to receiver using HTTPS, the most secure protocol.
The wisdom policy itself is questionable. The return policy is not well explained. As such, we cannot fully trust our customers.
Expiration date: The site will expire on April 21, 2024.

It has a 3.5/5 rating on online review sites and a negative rating as a recent customer request. You can also see us on Facebook. This site has a rating of 3.9/5. However, there is no information about the product on the official website. Some classes have none. The source may not exist. All these issues make the website look questionable and without positive customer reviews, the website is rejected. Be careful when shopping and review all options to avoid credit card fraud.


While writing this review of, I realized that the website was created several years ago. Diagnosed about 8 years ago. But we disagree on reliable statistics. He was only 40% sure. It looks like a seedy shop. There is one trick you should know to avoid PayPal scams.


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