Many use a derogatory term for this term. In September 2020, Joe Biden called Donald Trump a “joke”.

What’s the answer to episode 432 of Thursday, August 25? The answer was Joker. When Donald Trump spoke loudly in the first presidential debate for the 2020 election, Joe Biden called him a “clown” and said, “This man doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

There are many countries around the world that are doing well with Wordal. This list includes Australia, USA, Canada, UK etc including many countries. After Biden’s comments, the network responded.

What did Joe Biden say after the debate?

During his first televised debate in September 2020, Joe Biden called Donald Trump a “joke”. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes it as “a clown, jester, jester in any situation” (including plays), “one who tells a lot of jokes”, and “one who insults his patients”. – He was rich. “He.

On August 25, Wordle #432’s use of “Joker” in the game’s script caused a lot of controversy. After some debate, Biden decided that instead of calling Trump a “crock,” he should have used the word “clown” instead of “clown.”

What did Kamala say about Wardell?

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Monday that she often plays Wardle and said she could during a visit to Poland last month.

Harris played at the position for 48 consecutive days before missing a day due to travel. They were also asked about Biden’s game and a reporter asked if Joe Biden would play Wardley. Ziges did it. He said, No, I don’t know.

Where can I play with words?

Wordle runs in your browser, so you don’t need an app. You can start the word challenge by visiting The New York Times official website. Despite software updates, Wordle remains free to use.

Since its launch in November 2021, the game has become increasingly popular among gamers of all ages. An important factor was the fact that the New York Times paid Wardle a lot of money to carry out his mission.

Does Biden use Wordle?

Do not try to guess what is not in the dictionary. A name cannot be a literal target, at least not unless it has a specific meaning. Click the link below to learn more about Wordle.


Released in November 2021, Reasoning Game became an instant hit. This game is very popular among people. Many argue that Wardle became a Wardle politician. As for Biden’s comments. Many express their feelings to others. Some are funny. Playing with words? Share your review in the comments.


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