Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time in busy markets and you don’t have to buy products from MRP. Many worldwide websites in the US and UK offer clothing, accessories and everyday items. This website is the main e-commerce portal for the basic concept and it is very budget friendly and more things. Products are 50% off.

What is the website?

Bbamall is a store for online shoppers with an offline shopping environment. It is also marketed for enthusiasts as it offers 50% off on all essentials like masks, socks and much more.

When we visited the site, we discovered that it had many color options and great discounts on sunglasses and shirts.

Features for this website

  • The Bbamall email address is already on the website.
  • The office address is also available on the website viz. 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ.
  • There is no contact number on the website.
  • You can also check the details by company name ie. Bbamall Ltd. mentioned above.
  • Bbamall offers essentials like masks, sweaters, socks, sunglasses and more.
    Available up to 60% off.
  • It provides 24 hours convenience to its customers.
  • Bbamall customer reviews do not cover websites, verified portals or social media.
  • Links were seen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but none of them worked on clicks, hence the lack of popularity on social media.
  • You can process your payment using other online methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and more.
  • It takes 10 business days to process your order.
  • Back order details are not shared on the website.
  • The site has a secure HTTP and SSL connection certificate.

The good things about the website

  1. In addition to the number of people, all communication channels are discussed.
  2. Logs protect the site as a whole.

The downside of this website

  1. Buyer reviews do not appear on any of the portals so we are not sure about the site.
  2. The business address provided is incorrect and the contact number is not available.
  3. There is no separate rule for returns and returns.
  4. No one can be trusted.
  5. Minimal ingredients are needed.

Verify website is fake

  1. Administrative information is hidden from the portal.
  2. The content on the portal is copied from a website.
  3. The site was established on 14/03/2022 and the location is only a month old.
  4. It has a 1% trust index which is quite large.
  5. This site has an average trust rating of less than 14 out of 100.
  6. The site will expire on 03/14/2023.
  7. There are no ads on social media because no one does.
  8. No consumer comments were received on the reliability pilot study.

Frequently asked questions about this site

Is a scam?

Yes, this is a scam. Based on our hands-on research, we found this website to be illegal.

We always try our best to determine whether the website on a website is genuine or fake, and we do not recommend this website for your online shopping.

Is the site a scam?

Yes, bbmall is fake.

Is the website legit?

No, this site is illegal.

Is this a good idea?

No, is not a secure site.

More information about scam sites can be found here.


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