Two people were killed and a third seriously injured in an accident in Balgon. RCMP are continuing to investigate.

RCMP are investigating Monday’s crash that killed a White City man and a 64-year-old woman. Two people died in the accident and the Balgon accident is under investigation and many questions are being raised online. Canadians wonder if the authorities are correct in explaining and investigating what happened. Police also want video of the crash.

The accident and its consequences

Our goal in this article is to provide the most accurate information on the topic of Balgon from honest and reliable sources. Authorities are investigating the crash and drivers are asking for dashboard video of the crash. Emergency services were called to investigate an accident near Balgon and police received reports of a collision between two vehicles.

So far, police say they believe a gray 2011 Acura MDX left Bow Trail when it struck the side of a westbound white Lexus GX470. The collision caused the Lexus to crash and become wrapped. An eighteen-year-old passenger in the Lexus was seriously injured and later died from his injuries.

Balgon investigation of the accident

The white man of the city was driving with his female passenger, and both were killed in the accident. The man in the van was taken to hospital and is in stable condition. Authorities later closed Highway 1, but it has since reopened. The accident is currently under investigation and details are unknown at this time.

Authorities are examining the dashboard and other similar evidence that may have documented the crash. The incident was not reported in detail and there is no further information about the accident in Balgon. The only details released were that a white man and his passenger were killed and that someone in the van was taken to hospital in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing and updates may be available soon.

Meanwhile, RCMP are investigating the crash on Highway 10. Two lanes are also temporarily closed.


Two people were killed and one seriously injured in an accident in Balgon. The crash is believed to be fatal and is being investigated by RCMP on Highway 10. Details are limited, but most of this article will cover the Balgon crash. For more details, see Two killed, one seriously injured in crash near Balgon.



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