The article explains the main features and approach of Austin Wordle’s game. Gather information by reading the article.

Do you know Wordle? A word puzzle game that has been popular lately. But do you know the new word puzzle game “Austin”?

According to our research, the father of a nine-year-old girl discovered the jigsaw game style for kids.

News of the game’s new venture has already spread to countries like the UK and Australia.

That’s why we want to bring out Austin Wordle’s little word puzzle game.

What do you know about Austin?

Our study explains why the game is called “Austin”. In fact, the nine-year-old girl and her father live in Austin.

Our extensive research shows that the new word game is inspired by the game Wordle. The new game essentially follows the same rules and regulations.

However, there is a slight difference between the rules of the two games. Wordle is preferred for adult gamers and the new word game is strictly focused on kids and young players.

Our research shows that this is a key difference between the two games.

I’m playing Austin.

Our research shows that there is a small but inspiring story behind the game. According to our sources, Praneeth Mudiganti is a software engineer living in Austin with her nine-year-old daughter.

One day his daughter played the famous game “Wordle”. However, the girl cannot continue the game for various reasons. When Praneeth noticed the problem, he started creating a Wordle game for kids.

Our examination shows that Wordle is adored by millions. Yet, the game is very hard for youngsters. That is the reason the computer programmers in Austin spearheaded the “lesser wordle” game.

Austin Wordle – Current Trends

Our research shows that in Wordle, players take 6 tries to find the five letter word.

The new Wordle game for kids follows the same rules with some differences. But only for kids. As a result, the new game is known as “Junior Wordle” in the US and Canada.

Our extensive analysis shows that the game creator has made it a word puzzle for kids only. So kids also explore the word puzzle game and learn English vocabulary through the Austin word game.

Why is the game trending?

According to our research, “Wordle” is already the most popular game in the world for gamers. Making word games makes it easy for millions of children to play word games as the game is trending.


In Wordle, players can use 7 attempts for each type. Children must guess four-letter words instead of five-letter words.

Our exclusive research shows that the game has gained 2,000 users in around 33 countries. That’s why we can say that Austin Wordle has been getting good reactions lately. You can check the link for more information about the game. Have your kids tried the game? Please give us feedback.


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