Read in depth how Amon Gus, from a noble family, rose to prominence in the Nazi party, went wild and became known as the German serial killer Amon Gus.

Do you know who Amon Gus is? Do you know why he is known as a criminal? Want to learn more about the life and work of Amon Gus? Amon Gus made the term SUS world famous in the game Between Us. Did you know about Amon’s relationship with Gus?

Read all about Amon Gus’ family, personal and professional life and why he is known as the German serial killer Amon Gus.


Amon Gus, also written and pronounced in English, Amon Leopold Goth was born on December 11, 1908 in Vienna.

Amon was born into a middle-class family. His father was Amon Franz Gott and his mother was Bertha Schwendt Gott. Ammon was the only child in his family.


Amash Amon received a good education and was sent to a Catholic school in Vienna. He then attended the Agricultural College in Weidhofen an der Thaya.

His parents hoped he would join the family business after school.

Amon Gus Serial Killer Wedding:

His first marriage to Olga Janauschek lasted only a few months. A few years after the divorce, he married Annie Geiger at the age of 28 and had a child who died in infancy.

Gus as a Semite:

He was openly anti-Semitic and racially hostile to Jews. He joined the Nazi party in 1925. In May 1931, Gus became a full member of Nazi Party no. it became 510764.

Gusi’s career in various departments was chancellor, administrative officer, technical sergeant and was sent to Katowice.

The brutality of the German serial killer Amon Gus in the camps:

His original purpose in Katowice was to set up a camp where Jews were used as slaves. During his tyrannical rule, many Jews died of malnutrition and overwork.

If one member committed a crime, Gus made sure they were all punished, the worst example being the killing of five gang members and one escaping.

It is estimated that 8 to 12,000 people died in 18 months, or about 20 people every day.

German serial killer Amon Gus watched as he was severely beaten for a menial job while in prison on the run from death row. One day Gus shot a man far away. Peed to death.


Killing people without reason, killing more than twenty people a day; The players among us started using Amon Gus to get ideas for cheats. In addition to the last name “GUS”, many players use SUS to identify their cheater.

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