Looking for trendy clothes? Today I am going to introduce you to a website that offers certified fashion clothing for women. In addition, there are costumes on site. The name of the site is ajorok.com.

Winter clothes and seasonal clothes are the same here. So if you want to update your wardrobe or become a fashion icon, check out this website. below is an overview of the drive rock.

What is ajorok.com?

After checking the “About” section of the website, I found out that the website was just launched on 12/30/2021 and its highly qualified team was working on the dress code before the launch. In the past, the website has created clothing for many well-known brands.

Technical information for this website

  • Date of domain registration – 30.12.2021
  • Contact us at +447482875871
  • Order Fee – Free shipping on orders over $79
  • Corporate Address – XBP International LTD, 145-157 St John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW
  • Shipping – Fast delivery within 35 days
  • Expected turnaround time – Items can be returned within 30 days
  • Social Media Icons – Related Links
  • Bulletin – Unpublished
  • Customer Comments – Aljok’s comments have been added
  • Refund process – takes one week
  • Payment methods – American Express, Visa, Diners Club and others
  • Email address – service@aljok.com

Some good stuff

  1. The website URL is blocked using HTTPS on the host.
  2. The social networks mentioned above lead to the page.
  3. Good customer reviews on the site.
  4. Consumers receive all information including email address, contact information and business address.
  5. The site can create larger screens for customers around the world, including the United States.

Negative aspects of this website

  1. The user interface doesn’t look amazing.
  2. People see it differently.

Aljaok.com to see if it is real or fake

  • The site’s domain is now listed – the owner listed the site on 12/30/2021, which only took a few months.
  • Customer Feedback – Positive feedback on the official website. However, I found a 3.8 star rating and various reviews on Aljoku’s external link.
  • Domain Expiration Period – The website creation date expires after 12/30/2022.
  • Social Media Presence – The website has two social media links to this website,
  • Physical Address Space – The physical address of your website can be unreliable as it is prone to theft.
  • Trust Index Ranking – According to intelligence software, the website has a trust score of 1.1.
  • Stolen Content – Some content and images appear to be fake; therefore, the quality of the content is poor.
  • Confidence intervals – only 1%.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Ajorok is this a scam?

This website is a scam.

Is this page fake?

We believe this page is fake.

Is Aljaok.com legit?

This site is illegal.

Is this a good idea?

We do not warrant that this website is error free.

You can read more about fraud here.


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