This guide provides information on the latest Temple of Time Arena features that have been added to the game.

AFK Arena is a popular game that is the best RPG game that has many fans all over Germany, Australia, Canada and Canada, USA and UK. The platform allows players to build their team and then upgrade it with the exclusive AFK progression system.

Apart from game updates, various new features and items are added to the game. These include new hero mods, changes, as well as the Temple of Time. This is a new feature included in Nobel Tavern and can be used to summon heroes that have been awakened in the game.

Players get more details about the Temple of Time in Afk Arena.

What is it? AFC Arena?

AFK Arena is an old turn-based online RPG game that offers a wide variety and styles of battles and battles. The game is loaded with endless bonuses and upgrades and the battle will never end even when you are offline.

Players should level up even if they are AFK and gain an advantage when they register next. This will take you back to where you last stopped. It is an exciting game that is enjoyed by all ages.

Overview of Temple of Time Afk Arena

The Temple of Time is a new feature that will be added to the Noble Tavern in the AFK Arena. It attracts many players to the game, giving them a series of exciting rewards.

AFK Arena fans know how exciting this game is and with the addition of new updates, it is even more exciting. Through the emblem of time, players can summon smart heroes to the Temple of Time. In addition to their heroes, players receive attractive rewards.

Temple of Time Afk Arena is not available at the moment, but will be available to players from January 4, 2022 onwards.

Where can you find the temple of time?

According to user reviews, the Temple of Time can be found in the Noble Tavern located near the Stargazer button. Players have confirmed that Temple of Time will not be available to players until January 4th, 2022.

When available to players, it can serve as a summoner for Awakened Heroes and even earn other exciting game rewards. However, players will have to wait until January 4th to enter the Temple of Time in this Afk Arena.

What did the player say?

After looking online for our Temple of Time reviews, we found some posts on the Temple of Time discussion forum.

Many players know where the function is and how to use it. Several players have confirmed that the feature will not be available until January 4, 2022. Several players have also stated that the event will be held at the adjacent Noble Tavern. Star clock button.


AFK Arena is a famous idle RPG that has many players around the world. Players discover the latest sticky notes, where new updates and new features are added. Afk Arena Time Temple is one of them. It will be available starting January 4, 2022 at the Nobel Tavern.

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