5 Essential Tips for Buying Playground Equipment for Kids


Kids these days are hooked to their video games so much that they barely get t enjoy the outdoor fun. As parents, you can encourage and motivate the child to healthful play options outdoors. There are several types of outdoor equipment, such as trampolines and wooden play equipment, for the kids to enjoy. 


With manufacturers like Lifespan Kids, you can find a wide array of outdoor equipment for children to play with. You can pick the age-appropriate equipment that best suits your child’s needs. You can also explore other indoor and outdoor games at Lifespan Kids. Outdoor playtime is crucial to the child’s emotional, social, and physical development. Parents only need to take some time to choose the right playground equipment that will excite the kids and encourage them to play more. 


Have a look at some tips for buying outdoor equipment for children:


  • Playground Audit

It is essential to perform the playground audit before looking for the equipment. Some crucial aspects that need attention are the children’s age and the play space’s size. The layout of the playground also needs to be considered, along with the number of kids who would be playing. The special needs of children should also be considered when choosing playground equipment.

The information will help assess the needs and make an informed decision while buying the equipment. 


  • Wood or Metal

Most of the playground equipment comes in metal or wood. The decision about the material is a personal choice. It is recommended to take time and understand the pros and cons of each material before making the final decision. And with manufacturers like Lifespan Kids, you can find great outdoor equipment in wooden options. Usually, the natural wood fits perfectly into the playground as they look warm, soft, and cosy. On the other hand, metallic equipment appears hard, cold, and comparatively uncomfortable. 


Also, wood doesn’t get hot when exposed to sunlight or is too cold during winter. Using wood protection can help maintain the appearance of the wooden equipment. Just perform a regular inspection to make sure that they are damage free. Ensure there are no loose screws to avoid any safety hazards. 


  • Budget for the Equipment

Plan a budget before investing in outdoor equipment for your kids. It helps in establishing affordability. Based on the condition of the play area and additional charges, you must think more than the cost of the outdoor equipment. At Lifespan Kids, you can easily find outdoor equipment within your budget without compromising. If the outdoor equipment is for the community or school playground, raising donations can help! 


  • Safety

Before selecting outdoor equipment, make sure it is safe for children. The type of material and aspects should also be considered, like finishing quality, height, and shape of the equipment. Avoid buying equipment with loose joints or sharp edges. Always view the equipment’s material and the surface cover as they significantly contribute to kids’ safety. After all, one of the leading causes of injuries in kids is falling from playground equipment. 


  • Involve Kids

It is good to involve kids while buying outdoor equipment, as you can pick exactly what your kids like. Even if they are young, you must take their opinion. It would be best if you did not force your choice on kids. Ask the kids to list down their favourite equipment. You can then go through the list and buy suitable equipment. 


Outdoor games are fun, and you must encourage them to engage in outdoor fun. Check the available space and ease of installation before proceeding with the desired outdoor equipment. 



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